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Optimizing individual training and injury recovery of elite soccer players and swimmers

Elite athletes are expected to deliver their best performance and peak at the right time. Optimal training is essential to reach such outstanding performance. But how can a coach make sure that the training stimuli are tuned to the individual athlete?

In this project, we investigate how training can be optimized using the physiological profile and performance data in elite soccer players and swimmers. 

Image by Gentrit Sylejmani
Soccer Game

Sport Data Valley

In the Sport Data Valley-project, we develop the national research and analytics platform for sports data in the Netherlands. This platform enables athletes, coaches and researchers to gain more insights from their sports data.


The platform includes applications for training monitoring and training prescription as well as (advanced) data analytics.


Want to learn more on how you can use this platform for your own benefit? Then watch my webinar for the International Speedskating Union or feel free to take a look at


Impact with Sport & Activity Data

In collaboration with, the online gym for people exercising at home, we investigate how training monitoring can be simplified for the general public. Ultimately, this will help to advice people who exercise at home how to train and improve.

We will validate a rating of perceived exertion scale and build novel machine learning models to predict how individuals will perceive their (future) work-out based on heart rate.


Want to participate in the project or learn more? Then take a look at the project's website at

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