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How to quickly find the research that is relevant and interesting to you?

With this web-based application you can find all recent publications in Sports Science & Applied Physiology from the previous week, sorted by their attention scores (based on key journals in the field)


Click here to check out the application


I wrote several applications that you could use if you are interested in training monitoring, training prescription or the latest articles in sport science. These are illustrated below:​


​Finding academic papers, coding, presenting or managing your project from day-to-day.

Below, you'll find a selection of software that has been of great help to me.

Feel free to discover what tools are also relevant to you. 

  • Altmetric                    discover attention received by your latest research

  • Connective papers   identify connections beween published papers

  •           analyse all research-related data (e.g. papers, patents, online mentions)

  • Exercise thresholds  identify your exercise thresholds from maximal exercise test data   

  • GitHub | GitLab         develop your (collaborative) code and keep track of previous versions

  • Jane                          find out what journal to submit your paper to

  • Mentimeter               create polls or quizzes for presentations

  • PubSearch                discover the latest publications in sports science

  • Roam Research        organise your notes, todo's and projects to boost your productivity 

  • Sport Data Valley     analyse your sport and health data (e.g. training monitoring, prescription)

  • Webplotdigitizer       extract data from plots or images

  • Zenodo                     store and archive your research data with a citable doi

  • Zotero                       organise your references


Over the years, I have come across many resourceful articles, for example on doing research, writing or reading an academic paper or how to use Twitter to highlight your recent research.

Below you'll find a selection of the top articles that I would recommend you to read. 

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